Of course, coordinating an outfit for any holiday party can be a stressful process. But when it comes to picking out what to wear to a Christmas party, there are so many more rules and guidelines that need to take precedence in order for you not to commit any fashion faux pas! 

Not only do you have all of the same rules as other formal occasions that apply (think: nothing too short or revealing), but there are also plenty of festive sartorial concerns like whether or not your outfit is overly matchy-matchy with Santa’s suit (he doesn’t like it).

Here https://fabulousstory.com/ are some Outfit ideas for this Christmas Holiday Party :

1. The Little Red Riding Dress

If you’re the type who wants to show up in some holiday chic, then this option is for you! Just pair a pretty red dress with one of your favorite statement accessories (say, sequins or glistening holiday pins), and you should be dressed to just ring in the new year.

2. The Festive Dress and Jacket

If you’re into getting classy, we suggest wearing a cute dress and matching blazer – it works perfectly when going shopping at all your favorite boutiques as well as at holiday parties! Pair it with some patent booties, and voila: your outfit is complete!

3. The Holiday Party Attire

If you’re looking for something a little more festive, then wearing something that has been utilized for various holidays over the years is going to be all you need to have your guests and coworkers guessing! Here are some choices:

• A 70s-style minidress with a matching jacket and big shiny gold belt (or bangle bracelet). You can pull off this look by wearing a white bra underneath the mini dress. Just layer it with a big sequined handbag (like this one) for added class.

• You could also get away with a modern take on the 70s by wearing a long peasant skirt, like this one from Zara, paired with a silky top and oversized belt.

• If you want to wear something fun but still tasteful, then black velvet is for you to dazzle your guests with! Pair it with some black heeled boots. As an added accessory, try wearing a fur vest (like this one).

• If you’re down for being festive and formal all at once, then why not wear some holiday-themed brooches of Santa or reindeer? Or preferably Christmas socks! This can also be worn on your blazer as well!

4. The Black Dress and Gloves

If you want to be the best dressed person at the party, then don’t waste your time trying to look perfect for every single function. Instead, go all out with one fantastic outfit! Why not go for a black skinny skirt paired with a fitted red cashmere sweater and a pair of black (or sheer) gloves? This look is elegant, classy, festive and totally wearable all at once!

5. The Burberry Jacket and Scarf

While this look is absolutely stunning on anyone who can pull it off (and if you can’t then we highly doubt this guy does), we just had to include it anyway. The Burberry scarf and jacket simply go hand in hand with each other in this outfit (and no one looks better in black than Burberry does!). Wear the scarf around your neck once you get to the party, or as a belt if you’re too short.

6. The Festive Hat

Here is a festive option for everyone who wants to wear a festive hat to their holiday party! Pair the hat with black tights and white boots, or red tights with red boots if you want to be slightly more daring! We absolutely love this look… but if you’re not sure about it, don’t worry. We have more things to help you figure it out!

7. The Matchy-Matchy Outfit

Why not go for the obvious combination? Pair your outfit with a red choker and a matching purse, or with a red belt and black clutch. You can also wear the same dress in two different ways by pairing it with different accessories in order to spice up your look (think: slightly different color heels and/or earrings).

8. The Evergreen Outfit

Yellow is one of our favorite colors (you can read more about it here), so you should definitely wear it with your outfit. However, if you’re wearing a suit and tie, you have to follow certain rules in order to make sure that the yellow doesn’t clash with the rest of your outfit! Here are some options that you could get away with:

• wear a yellow sweater or blazer with your suit, thus making it not too noticeable

• try to match the color of your shirt and tie to that of your shoes and belt, making sure that the yellow does not clash and ruin the whole effect. You could also match it with a pink sweater for more holiday cheer!

• go for a pair of yellow shoes (with accessories like black pumps or boots) in order to offset what is yellow on your outfit. Since we mentioned heels earlier, make sure they are not sky-high as they would completely ruin all expected effect!


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