Shang Chi 2: The Legend Continues

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings have officially been confirmed for a sequel, not that we ever had any doubt. The sequel is even officially named, but the MCU Phase 4 only has two confirmed titles so far. Shang-Chi 2: The Legend Continues will be a Chinese noir film based in Hong Kong, and it’s set to release in 2023.

The news was revealed by Joe Russo during an interview with Yahoo! Finance during the Marvel Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con.  Taking this into account, as well as their grand plans for Phase 4, let’s take a look at what is already mapped out so far.

Who’s In The Casting For “Shang Chi 2”?

  • Simu Liu
  • Awkwafina
  • Florian Munteanu
  • Tony Leung Chiu-wai
  • Fala Chen
  • Menger Zhang

What’s The Plotting On “Shang Chi 2”?

While Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings were never going to shake up the Marvel slate, what it did do was firmly put some grit into the MCU. In its exploration of inter-family feuds, as well as with its use of blood sacrifice and slavery, “Shang-Chi” not only helped balance out the fun of Ant-Man & The Wasp but also nicely set up for Shang-Chi 2. Not that a sequel is necessary. “Shang-Chi” was a fantastic film on its own, but with the franchise reportedly being described as a trilogy, we have to assume that Shang-Chi 2 is coming.

What Will Shang-Chi 2 Be About?

Originally, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was going to be a standalone film. Then Avengers: Endgame happened. Suddenly, there are far fewer people left in the MCU who can serve as villains in this franchise. With this in mind, it seems fairly likely that Shang-Chi 2 will be delving into the wider world of Marvel. Specifically, the Chinese God Realms. This would allow the franchise to keep expanding, while also letting it continue developing themes such as family and loyalty which were so prominent in the first movie.

What’s Interesting About “Shang Chi 2”?

The original post-credits scene for Shang-Chi has already been brought up. In the final moments of the film, which focused on Shang-Chi and his new friends, a brief exchange between the daughter of one of his foes in the series (Feng) and another character was shown. With their dialogue being given subtitles, it was implied that their characters will eventually meet. Hopefully, that meeting is sooner rather than later.

In terms of the wider MCU, Shang-Chi 2 is also interesting for a few other reasons. Not least of which is that it has the potential to introduce magic to the MCU in a meaningful way. While Doctor Strange explored magic through science, Shang-Chi 2 could do the reverse. Having said that, this isn’t explicitly confirmed as of yet and is just our best guess based on what we know so far.

What About The Release date Of “Shang Chi 2”?

At the moment, there is no release date for Shang-Chi 2. Marvel Studios has their Phase 4 mapped out and would like to get all of it released before they move on to Phase 5, but they have not announced anything officially yet. With this in mind, we may have to wait until at least 2020 to get a release date for Shang-Chi 2.

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What’s The Review On “Shang Chi”?

The sequel to “Shang-Chi” is certainly exciting. With the Chinese God Realms being mentioned and then confirmed as a part of the MCU, it seems that this film is going to be adding a new area for us to explore. On top of that, we already knew that Marvel Studios had bigger plans for Ant-Man and the Wasp than most fans would have expected but with “Shang-Chi” bringing up more questions about its characters, this franchise has a lot to offer despite arguably having a smaller impact on the wider MCU than most have hoped.


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