Where to Land? Fortnite Hill Top with a circle of Trees Location


A hill top with a circle of trees is featured in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

 It can be found at the top of a mountain south-east from Fatal Fields, west from Lonely Lodge and north-west from Shifty Shafts.

This location features a large area that is perfect for players who prefer to make use of sniper rifles.

 Along with the long distance scope, it also has small tree cover and some man-made structures like boxes and stone walls to make use of for cover.

However, because it’s not enclosed by any sort of fence or structure, players unwilling to take the higher ground will face increased exposure to enemies coming up behind them.

It’s a fairly open area, so the chance for sniping is higher than in other locations. The cliff opposite the planted red can be used for extra cover and to sneak up on enemies.

 A house has been built at the edge of the cliff face, which has a large window on the side facing away from you. 

So, if you’re on this side of the building and aim through this window, you should be able to see down into the valley.

This looks like an ideal place to land your glider when trying to reach Snobby Shores or Shifty Shafts.

Some of the hill top places with a circle of trees :

1. Snobby Shores – 

Surrounded by trees on the highest part of the island

2. Shifty Shafts – 

With trees surrounding its base. On the right side at the back of the map there is a single tree on top of a rock after you pass through the two houses(that are destroyed)

3. Lonely Lodge –

 On top of it where it has formed in between two hills. There is a house to one side of it, and a tree just behind to its left. (this was mentioned in another article)

4. Fatal Fields –

 located West from Lonely Lodge on top of some trees .

5. Pleasant Park –

 Located North of Lazy Links, it is on top an area filled with trees.

6. Junk Junction – 

Located South of Retail Row near the edge of the road, a single tree is on top of some rocks with a house next to it and a truck beside that.

7. Haunted Hills – 

Located East from Lucky Landing, in between two houses there are two trees, one in each yard and two trees on the street side. (mentioned in another article)

8. Loot Lake –

 On top of a hill next to the lake and bridge connecting Lazy Links and Flush Factory (The hill is located just left when coming from Lazy Links).

9. Lonely Lodge – 

On a hill next to the house. The lake is located on the bottom of it

10. Retail Row –

 Located North from Salty Springs, just South of Dusty Divot, next to the road there are four trees located between some rocks.

11. Lucky Landing – 

Located North from Retail Row, just South of Risky Reels, there are three trees on some rocks with a house beside them and a truck behind them. 

A single tree is in between two houses across the street on top of a rock and another small rock that has stairs leading up to it.(mentioned in another article)

12. Fatal Fields –

 Located East from Greasy Grove, there is a small hill with a tree on top of it. There is also another one located to the South-East near the center of the map under a large tent.

13. Lucky Landing –

Located next to where Risky Reels is, there are two trees by a house situated on an incline next to some trees ( It is better if you land at Lucky Landing because it’s near what you need.)

 Located North from Lucky Landing, there is a hill with a tree on the top of it.

14. Flush Factory –

 Located to the West from Loot Lake, there are some bumps in the ground with trees around them in between them. 

To your left as you approach this location you will see a bridge and then an incline that has trees around it.(mentioned in another article)

15. Greasy Groove –

 Located to the East from Loot Lake, there are trees around a hill and between two houses.

16. Retail Row –

 Located North from Lucky Landing, on top of a hill with trees.

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