What potion does not contain valerian sprigs

Most potions do not contain Valerian Sprigs. The first use of the herb was recorded in 1834 by the French apothecary Francois Mauriceau and it has been used in both clinical and homeopathic treatments since then. In most cases, the precise reasons for its use is unknown to modern practitioners.

 Its most popular uses are to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches and nervousness suffered by people who have nerve damage through injuries or other medical conditions that may have left them without feeling emotions.

In many cases valerian root extract is combined with other active ingredients such as Chamomile flowers which reduces irritability while increasing sleep quality and Magnesium which relaxes muscles so they can fall asleep faster.

Ingredients of Potion :

1. Valerian Root.

2. Chamomile flowers and Liquorice root extract (optional).

Instructions for Usage :

If you are taking it for sleepiness, you can drink 1 to 3 cups of the potion per night and if you are taking it for headaches then 1 cup of the potion mixture should be taken 2 or 3 hours before dinner. If you want to use it for anxiety and depression, take one ounce of this potion every morning on an empty stomach in addition to your daily meals. 

If you are taking it for nervousness, then mix a tablespoon of this potion every day with your meals. You should take the potion 3 times per day and average 13 cups per month.

You should not take any other medications while taking this potion as they may be harmful to your body. If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any prescription medications you should consult a doctor before using this herb on the advice of a health professional. Once again, do not take any other medicines without the advice of your doctor.

This recipe is an example of a very common pharmacy preparation made from the use of Valerian root and various other herbs. The standard dosage for valerian root is three times per day. However, many people find that it can be helpful at smaller doses, particularly for sleep and relaxation purposes. The amount of valerian used in this recipe should probably be increased to one ounce per day to be effective.

In making this potion you may wish to include other ingredients to help improve the effects on your mind and body as determined by your own personal needs. Some people find that chamomile flowers are useful for reducing stress and anxiety, while others are more concerned with increasing the effect on sleep.

Directions :

1. Place one teaspoon of valerian root in about two tablespoons of boiling water. Let it stand for about ten minutes, then strain.

2. Add two tablespoons of Chamomile flowers to one cup of the valerian root water and mix well. Add a little more if necessary to extract any valerian essence remaining in the mixture, then drink the mixture. Also, you can add a teaspoon of Liquorice root to this potion and take it at breakfast time if you suffer from headaches or migraine headaches and do not wish to dispense with the very effective nature of this potion by taking it at bedtime.

3. Finally, if you wish to take the potion at bedtime, you can use one teaspoon of Liquorice root mixed with two tablespoons of valerian root and one cup of water. You should mix the ingredients well and drink it during the evening before going to bed.


To keep your potion fresh, you should replace the contents no more than twice a week. The combination of herbs in this recipe is suitable for most normal adults who want to develop a better understanding of their own needs while they improve their sleeping patterns. If you experience any unusual side effects from any ingredients in this recipe, consult a health professional before proceeding further with its suggested use.

4. Valerian Root.5. Chamomile Flowers and Liquorice root extract (optional).

The main ingredients in this potion are Valerian root and Chamomile flowers which are used in the production of health promoting beverages.The Chamomile flowers and liquorice give this potion a soothing effect as well as calming your nerves for a better sleep pattern.

What is valerian root?

Valerian root has been used in several cultures across the world for over two thousand years. It has been used to ward off insomnia, promote relaxation and it has also been used to relieve pain and muscle spasms associated with menstrual cramps or menstrual discomfort. It has been used as a sedative and is also used to treat restlessness, anxiety and nervous tension.

What are chamomile flowers?

Chamomile flowers have been used for over two thousand years in traditional Chinese medicine and have been used in Western herbalism for more than twenty centuries. Chamomile is known to be an effective treatment for anxiety, insomnia, muscle aches and cramping, rheumatism and arthritis. It calms the stomach, relieving both intestinal disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea. It is also known to be analgesic or pain relieving. A decoction of the stems has been known to relieve headaches associated with fever or teething in children.


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