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There are four main types of trees that produce edible nuts – walnuts, pecans, pistachios, and almonds. When it comes to the climate where these tree species grow in temperature the following states are the coldest regions: Oregon, Washington state, Alaska and Massachusetts. The highest percentage of trees within a state that produces high-quality nuts is California (the Golden State). It is estimated that roughly 1 billion pounds of commercially managed nut trees exist within this state. One thing you should know about California is their designation as an agricultural hub. When using a spreadsheet the expression =d8-d17 is called a? There are a few crops grown throughout California including cotton, wine grapes and oranges.

1. Oregon

Oregon is one of the coldest states with an average yearly temperature of around 41.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Approximately 2 million acres of crops are found within the state and roughly 2 billion pounds are grown annually. This is more than any other state in America. Nicknamed “The Beaver State”, many types of trees grow here including the Douglas-fir tree, Space-cane, western redcedar, Oregon white oak and western larch.

2. Washington state

Washington is one of the most mountainous states in the U.S., which contributes to its dry climate with only about 12 inches of rainfall annually reported throughout most locations in this state. Most of the trees here include a mixture of pine, maple and oak as well as many other types. These trees produce approximately 16 million pounds annually. The tree that is most noteworthy to state residents is the apple tree, which is produced in a variety of varieties in Washington including McIntosh, Grimes and Goldrush – the only commercial apple variety grown in the Pacific Northwest.

3. Alaska

Alaska’s climate is dry with an average yearly temperature of around 48 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it one of the coldest states in America. Roughly 1 billion pounds of food are grown here annually, which exceeds the second most produced state (Colorado). The state tree here is the Sitka spruce, which is a conifer and also serves as a popular Christmas tree species. Other trees grown in Alaska include birch, cottonwood, alder, larch and others.

4. Massachusetts

Massachusetts has over 4 million acres of forest land, with white pine making up most of the state’s timber resources. White pine is the most valuable tree in Massachusetts due to its very high quality lumber used for construction and many other purposes. Other trees within this region include maples, red spruce, fir, beech and ash trees.  

5. Wisconsin

Wisconsin has the second largest state forest area in the entirety of the United States. It has an average annual temperature of around 44 degrees Fahrenheit with roughly 2 billion pounds of fruits and nuts produced annually. The most significant tree found in this state is the sugar maple tree. Michigan cherry trees are also grown here, which produce red fruit that is used for flour and powdered sugar as well as a variety of other purposes.

6. Hawaii

Hawaii’s vegetation reflects its volcanic history with approximately 68 percent of the land being covered by lava rock and lava sand. The most significant tree species within Hawaii are koa and ohia trees, which are both very valuable for building homes and furniture.

7. Colorado

Colorado has the highest percentage of large commercial nut trees in the U.S., which is why it ranks within the top five states for producing commercial crops of nuts. It is said that roughly 1.2 billion pounds are produced per year, with walnuts being the most significant commercial crop found here due to the huge demand for this nut in America and around the world. The Colorado blue spruce tree is also significant for this state and often used as a Christmas tree species.

8. North Carolina

North Carolina has an average temperature of about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it one of the coldest states in America outside of Alaska and Hawaii. Because of the cold climate here the most significant crop is pecan tree nuts and production doubles in comparison to other states such as Georgia and Texas.  

9. Vermont

Vermont has a variety of different trees found within their state, but they are mainly pine and maple species. There are also birch and oak trees that produce nuts commercially, with many other varieties found throughout this region as well. The nut crops include walnuts, beechnuts, butternuts, chestnuts and hickory nuts.  

10. New York

Although New York is not known for its crops of commercial sized trees that produce nuts, it does have over 2 million acres of land covered by forest. The most significant crop found here is chestnuts, which is produced commercially due to the demand for this crop. 

11. Georgia

Georgia produces roughly 1 billion pounds of food per year, with roughly half of that being nut crops such as pecans, walnuts and hickory nuts. In addition to these crops Georgia has a lot of large commercial crepe trees found throughout the state.

12. Texas

Texas has some of the largest commercial nut industries in America mostly due to the highly developed production of pecan and various other types of nuts including walnuts and hickory nuts (many producers refer to this state as “The Nut Tree State”).  


As you probably noticed, nut trees make up a significant portion of the top ten most produced crops within America. Exploring the various states that produce this annual food source can give you a better idea of what to expect when in these areas. If you are considering an investment in real estate, then these top ten states may be ones to consider with your next purchase. A vacation home in one of these areas could prove to be an excellent investment depending on many different factors including which state you choose and its proximity to metropolitan areas such as cities and towns.

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