It’s summertime and livin is easy. You are able to relax more, hang out with friends, take some time off work or school, and enjoy some downtime.

 And then something happens that turns your calm into chaos.

Why are these fools still breathing my air? and you can barely breathe because all of the city’s residents are filling up their lungs with some unhealthy noxious gas released by power plants during summertime why are these fools still breathing my air

The answer to that question is very simple. These fools still breathe my air because they don’t know any better than to use gas produced by coal-fired power plants during the summertime. 

Coal is the lifeblood of all our modernity. Using coal produces electricity, which is used to turn on lights, computers, televisions and other electronic equipment throughout the country. 

According to the National Mining Association, more than 1 billion tons of coal was used in the U.S. to produce electricity in 2015.[1] And just one plant can consume enough coal to run for 20 years. 

That’s right! Pollution in our air is at an all-time high! Everyone needs to be conscious of this new phenomenon so we can try to stop it before it gets worse for everyone involved.

 Let’s take a look at why pollutants are being released at such high levels in the first place.

1. Global warming: 

Global warming, or Global Warming (G.W.), is the process of rising average temperatures on earth and their effects on the environment. 

It is caused by increased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions into the atmosphere from human activity such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.

2. Urbanization: 

The increased building of structures and cities can cause a rise in climate change and global temperatures, which will cause more pollution to enter our environment and thus we will become more aware of it.

3. Increased Human Matter:

 More people mean more waste, which means more pollution coming out of our systems.

4. Lower Air Quality:

 Since pollution is already a problem in some cities, not being able to use our cars causes more of society to be stuck in such areas such as city centers and train stations.

5. Loss of Biodiversity:

There has been a loss in the amount of biodiversity thanks to urbanization and climate change, which can cause more pollution thanks to the loss in green spaces.

6. Loss of green space:

 Lower green space can lead to an increase in pollution and less space for clean air and ecology.

7. Industrialization: 

The more we force our environment into industrialization, the more we end up polluting the air and creating waste that is very harmful to our ecosystem and such.

8. Human Population:

Without a doubt, the larger the human population, the more pollution they can cause. 

It is easy for people to build houses in regions where there isn’t clean air because there are so many of them and they grow in numbers constantly (which can be seen in China and India).

9. Technology: 

Technology has made us more dependent on one another and creates a great need for people to be constantly connected to each other all day long. 

This means that we need electricity, which is often produced by coal-fired power plants.

10. Industrialization:

 The more we force our environment into industrialization, the more we end up polluting the air and creating waste that is very harmful to our ecosystem and such.

11. Carbon Dioxide: 

That pesky GHG that causes so many problems for us! It’s been discovered that CO2 has been increasing in the atmosphere for a few years now, which is very worrying.

 We all need to be conscious of this GHG so we can try to stop it from causing so much harm.

12. Nuclear Power Plants:

 They need their own section here because they are causing quite a lot of pollution with their reactors and storage for nuclear waste (which cause quite a lot of radiation exposure).

13. Air Pollution:

 This is the main culprit of all of this excess CO2 in our environment.

 Many people just don’t realize how much they are polluting the air around them, when in reality they are clueless about the harm they are causing their ecosystem.

14. Carbon Monoxide: 

A poisonous gas that can cause headaches and nausea if inhaled too much. It is emitted into the air quite a bit by power plants.

15. Nitrous Oxide:

A poisonous gas that can damage parts of living things if there is too much in an area.

It is also emitted by power plants which cause most of its presence in our environment along with CO2 and ozone .


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