Skating at Bryant Park has never been a good idea. That’s not because of the time limits in place, or the sheer lack of space (it’s actually quite spacious), it’s because those who have gone there and listened to the music they were listening to have agreed that it’s not worth it at all. In fact, some people find skating there to be a very bad thing. Bryant park ice skating discount code is not something that’s worth the time, and you shouldn’t be there. This is not the place to go if you want to go ice skating. You will be disappointed in the quality of the ice, and while it may sound good at first, you’ll find that there’s no music booming out at all. There are speakers, but they’re never turned up loud enough for anyone to hear them. 

The speakers have been ripped out before and had to be replaced because they were so old and broken. The small number of people who go there do not wear helmets, making things even more dangerous than they already are. If a person falls, they are more likely to end up in the icy water rather than a hospital bed. The ice there is very uneven, and is riddled with holes. People who can’t skate at all are known to have used that ice to do tricks. The place is notorious for having long lines, but it’s hard to even get into the building because of how violent the crowds get outside. Trying to park your car there can also be a problem. Getting out of your car can be very dangerous as well, since waiting in line could result in you being hit by a speeding driver. 

Why You Should Not Go To Skating At Bryant Park :

1. Not Enough Music

The music that is played at Bryant Park is not loud enough to hear in any part of the park. It’s very important for people to hear the music loud enough so that they can stay in the skating area and enjoy themselves. The music does not reach all areas, and it also doesn’t stay on long enough to be enjoyable. It also isn’t relaxing, since you can’t skate to the beat of any kind of music at all. Whether it’s rock or rap or anything else, it will never be able to match up with skating. Why bother going there then?

2. The Music Isn’t Upbeat And It’s Not Relaxing.

Bryant Park skating music is not up tempo, it’s slow and relaxing like that of a spa. If you’re going ice skating to relax, you’re probably going to leave there extremely frustrated. You can’t skate at the same speed that music plays, which does not allow you to enjoy yourself in any way. While some may find this relaxing, others won’t be able to stand it at all. 

The music is played out of a radio that is stuck on one channel, so there are never any changes in tempo or even genre. You may as well be listening to a CD. The lack of music is extremely frustrating for those who wanted to skate at all, and it’s very annoying for those who wanted to skate and enjoy themselves at the same time.

3. The Ice Is Terrible!

The ice quality at Bryant Park is extremely bad. It cracks often, making it very uneven and bumpy. The quality of the ice is so bad that even if you’re an expert skater, you will fall when you skate on it often enough. If you’re not an expert skater, you will definitely fall every 15 seconds or so. The ice is also made of many different layers of ice that were put down at different times, meaning that the surface you’re skating on is very old and uneven. The water underneath the ice isn’t even clean, so you can go right through it. If you fall through the ice, it will be extremely difficult to get out because there are no steps or anything like that nearby.

4. The Music Is Only On For A Short Period Of Time

The music at Bryant Park only plays for a short period of time during the day. If you’re going to skate there to listen to music for free, you’re out of luck because there isn’t any music playing at all. The music only plays between the hours of 3 PM to 7:30 PM, but it doesn’t play consistently. Sometimes you can skate for 15 minutes and go back to listen to music, and sometimes you have to wait in line for an hour before you get a chance. This is extremely frustrating for everyone who goes there, and one of the most common complaints about Bryant Park ice skating discount code. The place is best left alone by those who are interested in skating at all.

5. The Ice Is Uneven And Full Of Holes

At Bryant Park, there are many holes in the ice that people don’t see from the surface. These holes are extremely deep, and are dangerous to skate over. The thin ice is also uneven and bumpy, so it’s not like skating on the normal ice you can find in rinks. The ice is usually watery, and sometimes even has small icebergs in it that you won’t be able to spot until they’ve already tripped you.

6. There Are No Steps On The Ice

There are no steps on the ice at Bryant Park, so if you fall through it will be difficult to get out of the water. When there is a step nearby, it’s not very close by at all.


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