I am a news reporter for WJCL-TV and I cover a wide range of topics in many different genres including movies, music, sports, arts and culture, social news, and children’s entertainment.

WJCL news reporter, Mike V. Smith, is joining the staff of WJCL for a brief period of time. WJCL general manager and editor-in-chief Michael K. Young has asked Mike to join the team full time as he finds creative ways to showcase our station on a daily basis. The station’s website will continue to be updated by WJCL’s news staff as part of Mike’s new assignment.

Mike has been a reporter and editor at WJCL for more than two decades. He has been a regular contributor to WJCL since January 2005. Mike has also been a WJCL news director since November 2008. Mike was a longtime news director on WJCL’s sister station, WJCL 91.5 FM.

I’m sure there are plenty of other news and features that Mike has covered throughout the years that you might find interesting.

Mike’s time-lapse shows the new WJCL-style content being put out on the Internet and the way they’re being presented. It’s an incredible display of news coverage, news, and news information that is quite literally the whole of WJCL’s life. Mike’s weekly broadcast is also available on WJCL 90.5 FM. Mike has been a WJCL reporter for more than eight years. He started out covering WJCL 91.

It’s very nice to hear that Mike still gets a lot of enjoyment out of covering WJCL, and you have to admit, it’s great to know that he still loves his job. If you want to learn more about the WJCL family, you can visit wjcl.com.

WJCL has a lot of interesting content in the news section. The news section also has some interesting and newsworthy things that are not part of the radio broadcasts, for instance a new song by one of the station’s DJs.

We’re always glad to hear that WJCL still gets a lot of enjoyment out of covering WJCL, and especially the fun the station brings to listeners. We especially enjoy the fun we get from covering WJCL on the weekends. But there is a ton of work to be done – we have to be careful about which station we choose to cover, and how often we cover them.

We are covering WJCL on Sunday nights from 7-9pm, 7-10pm, and 8-9pm. On the weekends we will be covering WJCL on all three nights at 6-7pm.

It seems like a lot of our listeners have been asking for more news and information about the station. And of course, we can’t just give them a list of the stations we cover, without knowing what they are interested in. So we’ve created a new “What station do you listen to?” feature on our website. It’s up now, so you can select your station and see what we have to say about it.


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