WoW Gold Farming: 7 Easy Ways to Get Rich Fast


The unique currency of World of Warcraft is gold. With it helps, you can buy inventory and a riding animal, pump professions, change the character’s appearance, and not only. Without money, it is difficult to do even at the initial levels. So that you can enjoy the game process in full as soon as possible, we offer to get acquainted with the easiest ways to get rich in WoW.

1. The fastest way

Don’t you have time to do something yourself to become your hero richer? Or do you want to not limit your desires? Then the fastest solution is to buy wow gold. Or rather to buy a special booster, thanks to which your gold reserves can be instantly replenished. 10 thousand gold can be bought for less than 1 euro. If real gold sold so cheaply!

2. Grind

The simplest and least interesting way to earn money is to kill mobs and sell goods to a vendor. The most advantageous point for farming mobs – is the location of Ice Crown. Note: only that the most gold there can be earned from 80 levels. In this location, mobs are found almost throughout the territory. 


– you will receive a stable income and will not depend on the auction price;

– get a lot of gray items that can be sold to a vendor;

– get the green for spraying;

– maybe a random epic. 


– monotonically;

– there is little competition;

– persevere required;

– you have to fly to the city a lot.

3. Farming resources

To become rich in World of Warcraft, you need to choose the right profession. The greatest demand is ore, herbs, and fish. These resources are needed by players every day in large amounts. By farming major resources, you lose only your personal time. 

Want to mine the ore? Go to Sholazar Basin, Ice Crown, and go there sarotine and titanium ore. You will find cobalt in the locations of Zul’Drak, Howling Fjord, Gray Hills, Boreal Tundra, and Dragon Pogost.

Decided to focus on herbs? Then it makes sense to collect the Tongue of the Aspid and Lichetera. The last one is on the territory of the Ice Crown and Storm Ridge, and the Tongue of the Viper is in the Sholazar Basin. 

As for the fish, only two species can make a tangible profit: the Jellyfish and the Keefer’s Angelfish. The latter is caught in the Boreal Tundra, and the Jellyfish is caught in the Lake of Ice Chains. 


– income depends on the auction price, which can vary several times per day; 

– in front of you along the route someone can collect the entire resource and you will not get anything. 


Find your profitable routes and fly them constantly. You will get used to local landscapes and will be able to fart much faster. Do not rush to sell everything at auction if prices are lower than normal. Find regular buyers who will take your resources.

4. Crafting

A profession that allows crafting to be profitable. Sewing bags or processing stones – does not take much time and can bring enough money. Focus on finding recipes from the Ice Crown Citadel and the Crusader Challenge. With them, you can craft products for average players. Once an engineer, you can craft a chopper motorcycle. 


– you need to buy resources for crafting; 

– spend energy to get the recipes. 


Buy at the auction “Books of Character Cognition”. They will allow you to craft rare symbols and get small but stable earnings.

5. Quests

Quite interesting kind of earnings. Having planned the optimal route, daily quests can be performed in just a few hours. If they get bored, you can try your luck in one of the thousands of quests in WoW. 


– you can get gold for successfully completing quests;

– a bonus in the form of things that can be sold to a vendor;

– achievements;

– you can get meat, tissue and other useful items. 


– you can’t get rich only on quests, but it is fascinating and allows you to better understand the world of WoW.

6. Play at Stock Market

The advantage of this method is that you do not need to run around the locations and look for ore or mob. It is enough to stand at the auction, have an addon, and scan prices. To get more gold, you need to sell something more expensive than bought. 


– you can earn a few thousand a day;

– interesting for those with a financial streak. 


– time is needed to study the auction price;

– needs a decent start-up fund. 


Install Auctioneer or Auctionator addons. They will help you to profitably sell items.

7. Seasonal farming

When you can earn money tied to an event. For example, during the feast of Love Fever, you can make gold on amulets. The disadvantage is only in the limited period of the event. Therefore, it is important to squeeze the most of those days when it last. 


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