This is the first article in our new weekly news roundup for June 2019. It’s a recap of the week that was in wrbi news from July 2018. I was able to interview some of the people who were there, and I’m going to share some of their words with you.

After a long hiatus, these guys are back! The story is going to be about how Arkane Studios and Warner Bros. have been working on a new game. It’s not going to be a full-fledged game, just a small part of the franchise that will be updated on a yearly basis.

It’s a small part of the franchise, part of the storyline, but the core of the franchise is going to be the story behind the first entry, Wrion. Im not sure if the game is coming out next year, or if it is still a bit “underway”. We’ll have more info on that as well.

The story of Wrion has been a bit of a hot topic. Some players claim its a direct sequel to Arkane Studios’ previous game, Fallout 3. Others say it’s a spin-off of the first game, and some have even claimed it’s a direct sequel to Arkane Studios’ previous game, Fallout 3.

The rumor mill has been churning quite the amount of stuff, but as yet have nothing concrete about the game. We’ll see. I am also a big fan of the series, and I have a feeling it will be a very good RPG.

The latest update to the game’s website actually has a video of the character’s death, which I think is pretty awesome. The video starts out with a really bad video of the game’s new “gorgeous” graphics, and then cuts out to show you the actual game, starting out with the main character being a rather average human with no idea how to interact with his surroundings. Like so.

This video is a little bit different from the ones we have before, in that instead of showing you the game, it’s showing you the characters death. And since this video is from the development website, there’s no way to preview the game. But I do think it’s a pretty good watch. A little bit on the meta “What if the game was better?” sort of way.

The news is that the development team has been working on a game called Deathloop for a little while now and this latest video is showing off what it looks like in action. The game has now been in development for about two years and it’s very similar to the one we used to play. The developers seem to have a lot of ideas for the game, and theres a lot of cool things in this trailer that I have no idea about.

For more on what makes the game unique, check out the official Deathloop website.

I think I know what you’re thinking. It’s just a time loop in space.


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