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It’s a shame when you’re trying to find out about something and your favorite search engine isn’t providing the answer. That’s why I’ve rounded up some of the best websites for keeping up with current events, brainstorming ideas and staying informed.

A good news resource should be one that keeps you updated, relevant and accountable to what the world is going through. But that’s not all they each have to offer!

How Can You Stay Updated With Latest News?

1. Google News

To be honest, this is probably the first place most people go when they want to stay updated with current events. 

2. Reddit

Reddit is a great website for staying on top of more serious news. It’s an awesome website to find breaking news and topics that may interest you – although there are plenty that won’t. 

3. Wikipedia

The big draw of Wikipedia is that it’s actually a pretty useful website. 

4. BBC News

This is a traditional news source and one of the most trusted sources of information out there. 

5. The Guardian

The Guardian is full of great news stories and articles. 

6. Huffington Post

When it comes to news, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s a great place to discuss current events, review articles and find out more information about what’s going on right now. 

What is write for us? 

Write for us is a writing platform for writers to showcase their own work. It acts as a hub for people to be able to share content in the form of writing, photos and videos of the world around them. Write for us is simple and easy to use, you can share your content with the world.

Write for us is a video blogging website where people can upload their videos in the form of mini movies, documentaries or simply just about whatever they want!

What are the requirements for submissions? 

1. Word limit: 500-1500 words 

2. Article must be plagiarism free 

3. Topic must be related to all kinds of news.

4. Articles must be unique and original.

5. Articles must be properly formatted i.e Title, Short Description, Text.

6. Article must be original therefore plagiarized articles will not be accepted by Write for us 

Categories The Articles Are Not Accepted In

Please do not submit articles for the following categories since we do not accept them:

1. Either social justice or politics (discrimination, androcentrism)

2. Illegal activity (piracy, copyright violation)

3. Anything vile (racism, sexism, etc.)

4. Any information that promotes unlawful or violent conduct

5. Nudity or pornography

Who Are We Publishing For?

We are publishing for everyone! People of all ages and from all around the world can access Write for us and learn more about current events. We are also publishing for all different categories of people. You can find articles about travel, business and finance, lifestyle, health issues and sports. 

Write for us is a great resource to find out more about current events from all over the world. It’s an online hub where we can share and learn more about what the world is going through.

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