There’s something about the way that djtweaks pro mixes and distorts tracks that draws people in. Just think of all the great DJs out there like A-Trak and Fool’s Gold that have made distinct waves in music history. What is it that they do?

In this article, we explore what it takes to be a DJ, as well as how to start learning how to do it yourself. We also break down some of the things you need to know about gear.

1. What is DJing? 

When you think about it, DJing isn’t that much different from playing a guitar or an upright bass . It’s a way to make music by bringing together different sounds to create something new. The term “DJ” refers to the person who does all this work: the one who creatively edits and mixes tracks together.

With a turntable (which is what a DJ uses to mix and manipulate sound), you can do things such as identifying and repeating certain segments of a song, changing the speed or tone of the music, adding scratching or other effects to it, and even singing over it. You can also do some incredible mixing with your computer. 

2. There’s More to It Than Just Mixing Music

The thing that makes DJing unique is that you can make the music in your tracks anywhere from outside the mix to way over here . This means that you have full control over where the music starts, what it sounds like, and how loud it is.

For example, let’s say that you have a drum beat going in your track and you want to fill it with some acoustic guitar sounds. You could take the drum sound out completely and then set everything up so that there are different levels of guitar noise coming in at different points of your track. The DJ would be able to reverse the levels of each sound independently. 

3. It’s Not a “Fancy” Job

What most people think about DJing is that it’s basically playing in a huge crowd of people at a club, making them dance while they’re listening to your music. But DJing is actually a lot simpler than that. It’s really just manipulating sound and working on different levels so that people can enjoy the music in their own way.

DJing isn’t all about making “tunes,” but it is about doing things with sound and creating layers of rhythms within songs that you otherwise wouldn’t notice or hear. It takes a certain skill set to be able to do this well. 

4. You Can’t be Shy

As a DJ, you’re not just controlling the sound. You also have to be interesting to watch . If it’s too quiet, or if it takes too long for someone to hear anything distinctive, then people might get bored and start playing with their phones.

This means that you need to learn how to bring the energy in the room up and down organically by finding where people are at when they’re listening to your music. It’s all about mixing it up and being able to get reactions out of your audience. 

5. The Music Has to Be Good

It’s not enough to have a cool style or to have made some great music in the past. You have to make sure that your music is really good and that people will get something out of your tracks. This means that you need to put out tracks that are well-produced and have lots of different sounds in them.

6. What Do You Need?

Pretty much everything you need can be found at a local speciality store like The DJ Zone . They sell turntables, DJ headphones, and all sorts of other stuff. Some of the most popular items are headphones and mixers.

7. Don’t Forget to Practice!

One of the harder parts about DJing is that you need a lot of practice . You have to be able to put together new songs from scratch and make sure that they work well when you’re out there in front of an audience 

8. DJing Isn’t the Only Way to Get Into It

While this is a hobby that many people get into and stay interested in, there are plenty of DJs who are musicians or producers. This means that you don’t necessarily need to be interested in making music to learn how to DJ. You can also just go out there and have fun!

9. There Are Different Styles of Playing

The thing about DJing is that it’s really a skill in itself, but it takes years to get good at it . 

There are different ways of doing things, such as mixing between house music and techno.

So if you bought your own gear, then make sure that you take it for a test run before going out there and showing off your stuff! 

What makes DJing so much fun is that it’s an art form. It allows anyone to manipulate sound in really cool ways and take listeners on an emotional journey as they explore different levels of music creation.


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