Some people have it all. They’re born into wealth and inherit the earth just for being born. They get to live a life of luxury, traveling with ease to wherever on Earth they please for suspicious gif, eating whatever kind of food they want and spending their time doing whatever hobby they please. Their power is amazing because there are few restrictions on what they can do with their lives. But these people’s lifestyles also have consequences: they live in a world of entitlement where nothing is wrong, yet everything is wrong; no one wants to change anything because there’s always someone who will take care of it; people can’t be themselves because everyone just has to impress others instead.

1. Always Be a Leader

One of the most important aspects of royal life is its leader. No one can lead a royal lifestyle without a leader, and no one can be a royal without ever being led. The leader is considered the most important person in the royal lifestyle, because the leader gets to decide what happens during events. The way he decides things ends up being the only way things get done, so those who want to participate in that activity have no other choice but to follow whatever he does.

2. Never Go Against Authority

When you’re born into royalty, you inherit authority. You become an authority on your own life, and all those around you are expected to abide by your rules. If you’re not a leader, you still won’t want to be disobeyed. If a leader is an authority figure, he can do whatever he wants and not worry about the rest of the royal group. Being in this group means people will follow you because they’re expecting to be led. So don’t disobey any rules or else people will think that being in the royal lifestyle means doing whatever a leader says.

3. Never Question Authority

When leaders are around, everyone must follow them; no one else can have their own opinion on what should happen. Any opinion that doesn’t agree is considered extreme at best and dangerous at worst. Everyone else is expected to follow this leader, and without a leader it’s just anarchy. No one wants to be part of that. So if you want to be in a royal lifestyle, you can’t question authority; if you don’t like the way things are, then someone else should fix it for you.

4. Remember Everyone is Insignificant

When royalty is born, he becomes an authority on his own life. He can do whatever he wants; it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because they’re all too insignificant to have any kind of impact on his life. He’s too important for them to ever care about what he does or says or thinks. This is because royalty is usually so far above everyone else that he’s not even considered a person, but rather a symbol. He can do whatever he wants and others need to accept it.

5. Never Work for or with Anyone You’re Not Friends With

In a royal lifestyle, everyone has to be friends with others or else they aren’t royal enough for anyone to ever trust them. In order for someone to be royal enough, you have to be friends with that person and trust all his opinions on things. Otherwise you’re not royal, so no one wants to follow you because they don’t want any part of the ugly lifestyle. So if you don’t want to be royal, you better make sure you’re friends with everyone you need to be.

6. Have Lots of Friends

The more friends you have, the more royal people are expected to like you. This is because no one wants to be neighbors with someone who doesn’t have any friends or doesn’t care about any of them. So the only way for someone to become royal is to not only be friends with everyone else but also care about them as well. So if this is what royalty expects, then it’s what all should expect as well.

7. Be Careful of What You Say

In a royal lifestyle, it’s important to be careful what you say so no one gets offended. If someone is offended by something you do or something you say, he may disassociate from the lifestyle and no one will ever see him again. This happens because of the way royalty handles conflict resolution: those with power always win, so if someone has power over the royals, then they can win any argument. To be royal means to never get into arguments, especially with anyone who’s not royal.

8. Remember Others are More Beautiful Than You

When being in a royal lifestyle, everyone likes to think they’re more beautiful than anyone else. But with so many beautiful people around, it’s hard to be considered beautiful. That’s why everyone wants to be pretty, and that’s why everyone is constantly trying to one-up everyone else to make sure they’re more than just pretty.

The point of this article is to show how royals are the enemy of their own lifestyle. Many people who live in this lifestyle enjoy it; they love traveling, having more than enough money and not having any restrictions on what they do throughout the day.


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