[5.0 Beta Guide] Honkai Impact 3rd v5.0 Tier List

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Do you want to know which characters are the best in honkai impact tier list 3rd? This tier list will cover the top 10 (or 11) characters in the game! Now, let’s start with number 10.

1. Chantelise     –

 The healer of the game who can dish out tons of damage if she gets her opponent against a wall. 

She can also fire off many heals every few seconds (depending on how much MP you have). 

Usually Chantie starts off as a support character who builds up her utility abilities like Magical Barrier and Aegis Shield. If you want an efficient healer, she is your go-to girl!

2. Fionne   –

 That time you played as a mage type character and you felt that you have no one to back you up in fights. Well, Fionne is your answer. 

The Duelist can duel pretty well while she has some of the best support abilities around. 

She can also boost her stats with her skills and turn herself into a tanky monster when she maxes out her tanking skill . 

Fionne is great for long drawn out fights or when she wants to play defensively for long periods of time.

3. Renee   –

 Before I continue, let me just start saying my feelings about Renee. She’s an amazing character that can do an insane amount of damage if played correctly.

 Her DPS is insane, and she doesn’t rely too much on her skills to boost it. Renee’s shield mechanic can also be good for both offense and defense.

 However, her skills are costly to use, so make sure you manage your anger resources well!

4. Minori   –

 Yes, the famous Loli Mage with a giant scythe is actually a very powerful character when used correctly. 

When she reaches level 25 or higher, she can float around the battlefield with ease thanks to her passive . 

Her skills are very powerful as well – note that Fire Pillar has serious recoil damage as soon as it hits you. 

And with the potential of having a baby monster from that skill, you can be sure you will hit the target. 

If you want to build up your anger, I suggest using The Tyrant’s Scorn and Aegis Shield to go first!

5. Milla   –

 Okay, so let me start off by saying that Milla is a powerhouse in any MMO game. Her damage output is insane for a mage type character. 

She has really good utility as well and can be a great support character if used right.

 Milla has some of the best passive skills in-game while her skills are also very powerful and flexible (they stack!).

 If you want a mage type character who is fast, killer, and efficient, she is the way to go. Milla also has some of the best CC in-game.

6. Irelia   –

 Irelia’s skills are very powerful – The Heart that Sings at Full Moon is a great skill to have when you want to deal damage from afar or use Heart Graze for utility (which can also deal tons of damage if used correctly). 

Her skills are very flexible and she can change her playstyle whenever she wants during a fight. She is also a great character to have when you play as a team since she can dish out tons of damage. Have I mentioned that she has a ton of utility?

7. Rims   –

 This nice girl can be a very cute support character if you play her right. Rims is a great character to bring along when you take on harder content as her DPS is very efficient.

 She also has some of the best utility in-game while her skills are also powerful and versatile (they stack!).

 In addition, she can build up huge anger whenever she attacks, so you can use that anger to boost your team’s damage output.

8. Lulu   –

 She’s a fast character who can dish out tons of damage if maxed out. Her skills can also be very powerful when used correctly and she is a great support character when she wants to heal. 

In addition, she can deal tons of damage with her skills if you manage to hit the skill limit and her passives are very useful in keeping your stats high throughout the game. 

Lulu is definitely a patient character who will build up her damage on the enemy as well as herself.

9. Amane   –

 I can’t help but think that Amane is a very special character. She can dish out so much damage if you use her passive . 

Her skills are also very versatile and can deal an insane amount of damage if you use up the stacks from both your abilities and passives. 

Not to mention that she can regain HP if she has The Way of the Wise maxed out! Oh, and did I mention that she is one of the few characters who can gain huge amounts of damage output with her passives?

10. Lancelot   –

 Lancelot is probably one of my favorite characters in-game. 

She has insane damage output while using her passive and she can use her passives whenever she wants during a fight. Her skills are also very flexible and versatile.

 Lancelot is also one of the characters who can regain HP quickly with her stance as well as increase her attack and defense if she decides to use the skill or not. 

If you want to play with a powerful character, Lancelot is your go-to girl!

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