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Students undoubtedly have a lot on their plate. They could be juggling college studies along with some side work they do as a source of income. Or, they could be juggling studies, sports, and also working hard to maintain a scholarship. Nonetheless, students and their struggles should not be downplayed. Instead, there should be ways for them that can help them manage their time better, all the while being able to keep them entertained. 

There is a huge variety of time-management mobile apps that help students stay on track without being too pushy. These apps are set up and controlled by today’s tech-savvy students themselves. The best part is that these apps are appropriate for high school and college students both. Parents of younger children can also use these apps to help their kids develop better time management skills and also focus on making lists and being more organized with their responsibilities. 


For students who are juggling a lot of things together such as exams, assignments and school events, Evernote will prove to be a very useful app. It is best for multitaskers, and lets users set reminders, alarms, create to-do lists, and also make notes. The app also lets you add multiple types of media files, so learning with visual aids is also very easy with this app. This app is available for both iOS and Android. It also has a group-working feature where you can share projects and notes with other people.

Verdict:  It is a complete package for all students, thanks to its collaboration feature with many other useful features. 

Focus Booster 

Mobile phones tend to be a source of distraction for the majority of us. However, with an app like Focus Booster in your phone, this distraction could be ended. The app uses a unique technique called Pomodoro technique to build student focus. The technique allows the student to work for 25 minutes straight and take short breaks in between. These breaks help students remain fresh and keep getting inspiration for their work from the surroundings. The app records these working and breaking shifts in sheets, so the student can later go through the sheets and set goals and objectives for the coming days. This performance review at the end of each day is a great way to keep students motivated and aware of how they are doing. 

Verdict: perfect solution for students who have a lot of homework, reading material or lengthy assignments to do. 

myHomework Student Planner

Students who are handling multiple courses at a time can often forget about their deadlines under pressure. For this purpose, the myHomework Student Planner is an excellent choice. It is like a digital planner where you can set reminders, create projects and their deadlines, and also set a calendar according to your schedule. It includes a specific homework widget that synchronizes all your due work and sends you reminders when the deadline is closing. This is a crucial feature for multitasking students and those who are forgetful of deadlines. Once you have put in the deadline, the app takes care of the rest. The app is free of cost, but there will be ads popping up frequently. 

Verdict: the homework widget is the most prominent feature, as it is an efficient way of organizing and managing deadlines. 


Time management is a life skill that we develop during our student years. As a student, you can develop better time management skills and monitor your habits much better with this app. RescueTime is a time management app that records your activity throughout the day. it is targeted towards managing how time is spent online and how it can be put to better use. The apps you use, how long you use them for and how much productivity you showed throughout the day reflects through this app. At the end of each day, you can simply look back at your activity and plan your next day accordingly. It also lets you mark every activity on the basis of what is more distracting and what is not, so that you can set goals and work towards them accordingly. 

Verdict: this is the most comprehensive and goal-oriented time management app, but is not the best in organizing school work and other tasks. 

Don’t Forget To Stay Connected!

All these apps require an internet connection that allows the apps to remain updated and work up to their full potential. If you are participating in online courses and staying in remote areas, then an internet plan from Rise Broadband is your best option. It has amazingly affordable prices with generous data allowances as well. Just make sure you have spoken to their customer service to find the most readily available Rise Broadband internet package in your area.


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