This blog post is about Suzy from Bridezillas. The whole series was so popular back in the early 200s, but what happened after? Find out now! In this first episode of ‘Bridezillas Rewind’, we take a look at Suzy and her journey with Brian Titman. This couple got married on TV and their love story has been shared for years since then. It’s safe to say that you’ll never forget them – or their infamous feuds- because they were all over your television screen during the show’s original run (2004 – 2006). As much as I want to get into some juicy details, it doesn’t seem appropriate here. So let me start by saying that these two people had a lot of love in them and that they’re still together to this day. Now, let’s talk about what happened after the show went off air. Suzy was a full-time mom, but she missed her fame from before – so much so that she had it written into their pre-nup agreement with Brian! She wanted to be able to take part in reality TV again (she did appear on The Biggest Loser) or even go back onto Bridezillas if there were ever another season produced by the network. And while things seemed like they might work out for some time, as all good things do eventually come to an end; these two ultimately decided it would be best not just for themselves but also for their


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