For all you single folks in the world, we’ve got some good news: there are tons of amazing weddings that deserve to be seen. Read on to see the top most famous weddings on the internet and their unique stories about love.”

For all you single persons out there, we give you a list of ten amazing and ghetto weddings

from around the globe. From Cuba and Siberia to Canada, these wonderful marriage stories will teach you how not to miss out on love by staying in your own country with all your married friends.

 The second half of this article will provide a list of other beautiful wedding arrangements around the world that aren’t so traditional.

1. Sarah and Dave – Kentucky, USA

What better way to start a list of the most beautiful weddings than off with our own country? These two love birds got married in the front lawn of their house, in front of everyone they knew. That is one wedding the guests will not soon forget! The real kicker? The wedding took place on September 11th, 2001, meaning that their love was tested in some very difficult times.

2. Joe and Irene – Havana, Cuba

This Cuban couple knows all about romance. They got married surrounded by lush greenery and tall trees while an excited crowd looked on, singing along with a gospel choir. Their wedding was so full of life, in fact, that it had to be cut short by police due to unauthorized noise restrictions.

 But that didn’t stop the celebrations from going on! The party continued on with a toast to the newlyweds and everyone danced through the night.

3. Marina and Dimitri – Helsinki, Finland

This is a wedding that needs to be seen to be believed. The Finnish couple went through an amazing journey just to get married. They first met when Marina was a teenager and dated for a period of time after she moved abroad with her family (she is one of seven children).

But then Dimitri found work in Africa, living a dangerous life of hard labor. The couple lost contact for many years as they both searched for new jobs and moved around the globe. They later saw each other again at a friend’s wedding – and Marina was determined to marry him.

She got down on one knee and proposed while they were on a boat on their way back to Finland – so romantic! It took some time to plan this wedding, but it was well worth the effort. Now that’s how you keep your romance alive!

4. Darren, Sue and Baby Peter – Blackpool, UK

This couple got married at a very special place – Ealing Register Office in London. The wedding was such a big deal that even the local fire department showed up with their engines to escort the newlyweds to their reception venue. 

You might be wondering about the baby in the photo; she is named Rosa, and she was only one month old! Oh yeah! This couple is also expecting a new baby soon.

5. Mr. and Mrs. Joe – Parlin, NJ

This beautiful wedding took place in sunny Florida more than twenty years ago, where Joe and his bride were sent off by their kids making it in life (including Stevie Wonder). There was no need for a limo since the happy couple walked down the aisle to a beat of drums. 

The crowd had fun dancing through every song that was played, especially since it was originally a gospel choir that performed at their big day.

6. Wozniak Wedding – Siberia, Russia

There are many things that characterize this wedding in Monino village, Russia. The beautiful scenery, the happy couple (both wearing their finest), and the snow flurries that graced the ceremony.

 And of course, it wouldn’t be a Russian wedding without a traditional dance – the bride’s little brother jumped right in to help out his sister. Truly one of the most beautiful weddings you’ll ever see!

7. Thomas Sowerwine and bride – South Africa

The couple in this photograph were definitely living their best lives as they celebrated their union with friends and family on a beach in Mozambique. The wedding was so beautiful, it featured a disco and a clown that performed tricks at the reception, too. It’s no surprise that they all loved it!

8. Alina – Canada and Greg – Russia

Alina wasn’t looking for a guy when she found Greg in Moscow. She went to Russia to visit her family, but she fell in love with him while she was there. They ended up getting married on the same day he celebrated his birthday, which is ironic since it was also the morning after their first date! 

They were married by two gothic nuns who lived in Canada for many years and attended many weddings there as well. This wedding was definitely unique!


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