In the last decade, technology has grown from a luxury item to something that is woven into our lives. In addition to this technological revolution, fashion has also been undergoing a transformation with the rise of designer collaborations and innovative technologies such as 3D printing. 

These changes have made it so that in order to stay on top of this constantly evolving industry, you have to be constantly updating your wardrobe. 

For those aspiring lifestyle bloggers, here is a list of a few free websites and platforms you can use to start your own blog.

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Start a fashion blog. Focus on clothing, share lifestyle blog ideas for how to wear certain pieces, provide helpful shopping guides based on different popular brands or styles of clothing, review new trends in fashion design and style development , etc..

But it’s not just your wardrobe in need of an update, your phone too! Technology & Fashion Revolution: How to Wear What New Technology Wants is a blog post written by Cynthia Leite which explores the ways in which we must adapt our style when staying up-to-date with high tech advances.

Leite explains how fashion trends are being brought about by the advances in technology. She uses the example of Google Glass, which caused a stir when it was first introduced. 

Speaking about the Glass, Leite says that “[It] is an already-established technology that has yet to be embraced by mainstream fashion”.

As technology advances, fashion must also advance or risk becoming obsolete; however Leite states that “it’s not enough for fashion to mimic technology; new technologies must also embrace fashion”. 

She further explains this concept with an example of Google Glass and how they are embracing fashion by partnering with Diane von Furstenberg to create their own flavor of Google Glass.

Leite checks in with Aimee Song, who was the first model to wear Google Glass on the runway. She explains that Song was “excited for this collaboration, not only because it’s a designer wardrobe staple, but because she truly believes von Furstenberg’s work will help bridge the gap between technology and fashion”. 

Song states that her work with Google Glass shows that they are “not just for techies”, but instead are made to be worn by fashionable people.

Google Glasses is just one example of the growing relationship between technology and fashion. 

Apple Inc., is another company that has taken strides in bringing together these two industries; however they have taken a different approach than Google with their creation of Apple Watch.

Some days are hotter than others, which means you need to be dressed properly. The hottest day of the year usually means you’ll want some kind of shirt or jacket that is thicker and warmer than normal for protection from the sun. Or maybe you might feel like wearing sexier clothes this summer because of all the bikini and swimsuit ads hitting your computer and television screens? 

These are all examples on how new technology is leading us to alter our style by creating new trends.

What’s Next?

People are always looking for the next big thing. The next trend will somehow connect with our new technology, but it will have to be more beneficial than harmful.

Wearable Technology is the Future

Popularized by Google Glass, wearable technology (also known as wearable computing) refers to computing devices that are worn on the body rather than one that is carried or worn in a hand or pocket like most smartphones and tablets. 

Wearable technology was once thought to be strictly for fitness purposes; however, now they’re becoming more of an accessory than anything else. It’s really telling when you see your favorite celebrities walking the red carpet with these types of devices on their bodies.

Of course, you could argue that there’s no way it’s really necessary to wear these devices when you’re in public. Well, it’s similar to when people dress in revealing clothing when they don’t really need to be doing that. 

Think about how much more comfortable your shorts would look if they were longer or fit a bit better instead of awkwardly hugging your leg. It all comes down to comfort and style, and wearable technology is a great way to fit into a trend without going overboard.

What Should I Wear? Where Do I Go From Here?

People will always want something new. think about what people want and what they’ll be willing to pay for good quality.

When it comes to wearable technology, it’s important to know where you can buy them and what the prices will be.

For example, the price of Google Glass may be $1,500 for a basic model and $2,000-$3,000 for one with prescription lenses. These kinds of prices are only reserved for people who can afford them and won’t typically appeal to your average Joe. 

However, it’s important to know where you can purchase this technology, what you can buy and how much it’ll cost so that you’ll know if it’s something worth investing in. It should be noted that Google Glass is not designed for use while driving.



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