What is Uw Health Mytime?

Uw Health Mytime provides an online tool that allows students to find a health care provider for themselves or their loved one. It is a website that searches for doctors in close proximity to the student’s location with reviews and ratings from other users. With this feature, students can easily filter through doctor’s results to identify the best option in order to avoid unnecessary appointment costs.

Uw Health Mytime has been reviewed by many college and university campuses throughout the country in hopes of reducing insurance, exam, and registration costs for the students’ school communities. The healthcare providers seek to forge bonds with the millennials through innovations in technology, marketing strategies, and community relations.

Purpose of Uw Health Mytime:

The purpose of Uw Health Mytime is to make a student’s life easier by having them search for a doctor based on their location. Students do not have to worry about finding medical care as long as they know where a provider is located in the area. The website breaks down the steps that must be taken when finding a healthcare provider and prevents students from falling victim to fraudulent doctors or therapists.

How does this benefit students?

Students are able to find their own doctors or therapists that are close to their location in order to save time and money. In addition, students can receive emergency care with a quick call to the health care provider. It is also beneficial for students that have other members of their family that need to be seen with doctors in the same area.

How does this benefit schools?

Uw Health Mytime is an efficient way for universities to provide health insurance to all of its students. It serves as an example for community strategies in the healthcare industry by creating a platform allowing users to find doctors within a close proximity of their location. This platform works to rejuvenate relationships between universities and local hospitals, thus providing larger networks strengthening communities and achieving meaningful goals.

Background of Uw Health Mytime:

The healthcare industry is constantly changing based on new technology and innovation. In recent years, the healthcare sector has been promoting itself with new products and services to increase its reputation within the community. Cybersecurity, patient engagement, and highest quality care are some of the ways that healthcare providers are gaining back the trust of their patients.

Uw Health Mytime started as a collaboration between Medihelp LLC, one of the leading hospital management companies in Texas, and Uw Health Center from University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (UWM). Medihelp purchased a portal from UWM for $250,000 in order to provide health insurance for students at every campus within their system.


In 2017, Uw Health Mytime expanded their product to include a mobile app that allows patients to have access to their own health care provider’s information by scanning a barcode. This app allows students to find medical care without having to wait in line at the doctor’s office.

Uw Health Mytime was named the Best Use of Innovation by University Business in 2018 and the Best New Application by Campus Technology in 2018. This honor came from the success of their website and mobile app at highlighting one of the most important aspects of student life: finding a healthcare provider. Uw Health Mytime was also named by the Association for University & College Business’s America’s Best Community Service with their 2018 Innovations in Higher Education Award.

Uw Health Mytime raised over $100,000 through Kickstarter to help launch the product. In October 2017, they had to extend their deadline because of overwhelming demand. Through this campaign, they were able to broaden the reach of their product not only by bringing medical care closer to students, but by adding a barcode scanner that makes it easier for students to find a health care provider.

Things to know:

The owner and CEO of Medihelp is Mark E. Adams who earned his Ph.D. in a health and human services program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has been a dean, professor, and administrator for 14 years at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire and is currently a professor and an administrator in Uw Health Mytime’s office.

Uw Health Mytime is currently working towards expanding beyond North America by suing Europe as well as other countries within the United States. This expansion is being accomplished through partnerships with universities around the world which will help to provide them with clients. In addition, they are working on finding ways to make their product more accessible to young professionals within certain professions such as lawyers, physicians, and pharmacists.

In order to create a more efficient platform, Uw Health Mytime is aiming to use artificial intelligence for the purpose of identifying patients’ symptoms, which will help cut down on wait times. 


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