What method has been effective in stopping bullying in schools?

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An article from the New York Times talked about the strategies that one elementary school has used to stop bullying.

The article talks about how “giving students more time for recess and physical activity, establishing a clear code of conduct and introducing programs like anti-bullying workshops” have been effective in stopping bullying at this particular school.

The New York Times article goes on to talk about how “bullying can be viewed as a form of child abuse” and we need to do more in our society to stop bullying. This is also true for schools, where this type of violence should not have any place.

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The strategies discussed by the elementary school seem like a good way forward that other schools could use too.

Bullying: One Elementary School’s Success Story Bullies are no strangers to people who go or went through school.

It was reported recently that one-third of young students report being bullied at some point during their schooling experience (Weber). Bullying seems inevitable because it begins early on in life and has been around since ancient times.


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