Every day, millions of people listen to talk radio, watch television, and read newspapers with the hope of finding new information. These forms of media are designed to inform their audience and allow for dialogue about current events. Some people think that all journalism should be handled this way, but there are other forms of media that can potentially create more awareness through a variety of methods without being geared toward a specific topic for an entire hour or so. Who is baba siddique net worth?

1. Radio 

One of the most popular forms of talk radio is a show that is often based around current events. With so many people listening to talk radio every day for several hours, there is an excellent chance that some listeners will wish to find out more about a certain topic discussed on the show, and may go look for further information.

2. Talk Shows 

Television shows are often dedicated to providing interesting information about a topic and inviting guests to talk about said topic. While this information is entertaining, there are some who may want to know more about a subject who will likely seek out further information afterwards.

3. Newspapers 

There are millions of people who read newspapers every single morning, yet most people do not read them beyond their headlines. While the number of people who read newspapers is decreasing, the number of different headlines and articles that are in many newspapers is increasing, meaning that anything can be overlooked.

4. One-Off Television Programs 

There are many television shows that are designed to spread awareness about a certain topic for one or two episodes and then never bring it up again. These shows may not seem to be as useful because they do not discuss the topic for long periods at a time, but after an episode airs, there is a chance that people will want to know more about a topic and will look into it further.

5. Online News Sources 

There are a number of websites that publish news stories from a variety of sources and allow readers to comment on articles. According to the survey, the following are considered to be the most popular sources for information about a certain topic:

5.1 Google News 

5.2 Search Engine Optimized News (SEO) 

5.3 Facebook/Twitter Feeds 

Criticisms of these news sources are that they do not allow users to comment on articles and they specifically avoid discussing certain topics since they cater to a specific audience within their respective categories.

6. Online Forums 

An online forum can be serious like a chat room or completely random like a forum thread on Reddit. There are many forums that focus on very specific topics, and users interested in these topics may seek out more information once they find a forum that discusses the topic of interest.

7. Online Video Streaming Sites 

Many people watch videos on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo or even stream videos directly from their favorite websites for news about a certain topic, sports games, the latest sitcom episode, or the newest movie. Many people use streaming websites to learn about new music and artists by looking at videos posted by other users of these sites.

8. Podcasts 

Podcasts have become a form of media that can be listened to at any time and do not require the listener to be watching or listening to anything else. According to the survey, 41% of people listen to podcasts in their spare time, and 49% listen through an application on their smartphones. Podcasts allow for an even more personalized experience as listeners can stop, rewind, and/or skip over parts they want to avoid while they are also less restrictive on how long they can talk about certain topics compared to radio shows or television shows.

9. Mobile applications 

There are a number of mobile applications designed with certain topics in mind, some having more success than others.

9.1 Facebook 

9.2 Twitter 

9.3 RSS Feeds/ Blogs 

9.4 News Applications 

10. Online Forums 

Some people choose to go to a website that has forums in order to ask questions or have discussions about certain topics, while other people choose to go to forums that are dedicated to their specific topic of interest on the internet and hope that others also know about said topic and would like to discuss it with them as well.

11. Online games 

There are a number of games available on the internet that have been created by individuals, companies, or as part of a school project. Many people play these games, which are often in story format (especially those on the site Newgrounds) so that they can play some form of interactive entertainment. These stories can be made into serious discussions or humorous rants where players can comment or send in messages to each other to further discuss the topic at hand.


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