If you’re a gamer, you know that the Borderlands 2 video game is a lot of fun. 

There are a lot of different things to do to make the game feel more immersive and fun, but one way to make your experience even better is by picking a character. 

This blog post will tell you about what our favorite characters are and which ones we think would be best for new players to pick when they start playing Borderlands 2.

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As people who play Borderlands 2 regularly, it is our job to make the game feel more immersive. What makes this game feel more immersive, however, is the choice you make at character creation. 

There are four characters you can choose from when creating a new character so we thought we should let you know which one we think would best fit a new player for starting out. 

Each of these characters will have different stats and abilities so keep that in mind as well as your personal taste and how much time you have to spend playing a character that isn’t level 50.

First up is the Claptrap. This guy is the Claptrap of course, so it seems appropriate that he would be our first choice. He’ll start you off with 20 percent life, so you can live for a while before reaching max level. 

Since he has no level requirement, you don’t have to worry about having to grind through other characters before climbing the ranks. His other strengths include everyone else’s weakness: Claptrap can be made into any gun or other weapon you would like him to be. 

He won’t do it for free though since he uses his own loot drops as ammo instead of money and has a very short shelf-life.

The next character was a toss up between Nisha the Lawbringer, Salvador the Gunzerker, or Axton the Commando. My wife and I finally decided on Axton because he has the most well-rounded stats between health, shield regeneration, and action skill cooldown. 

He can also be made into any gun you would like to use in the game, but his starting stats make him an excellent option for someone who doesn’t have much time to spend leveling up their character. 

The shield regeneration rate is one of his strongest assets along with the sword that he starts out with when you create him.

In this article you will learn some points on the best character to choose when you start Borderlands 2. 

  • The first point is which character class to pick. 
  • The second point is the rarity of the character class. 

You should also consider which race and gender the playable character has as these factors will determine what bonuses they receive beside their actual skills and weapon selection.

Character Class.

According to the latest patch content, the character classes have been reorganized into four categories. For each character class there is a Gladiator type and a Ravager type. 

  • In the first category, the Gladiator type has a bonus to life and critical chance while the Ravager type has a bonus to attack speed and critical damage.
  • The second category consists of Commando, Assassin, Gunzerker, Bandit, Berserker types with Attack Speed, Critical Chance and Critical Damage bonuses respectively. 

With respect to the Bonuses which you gain by picking up skill points, “Gunslinger” class has more bonuses than all other classes combined. You can choose to have a fast life-regeneration, high critical chance or high damage per second.

Rarity of the Character Class.

The rarity of the class is also an important factor. The rarity is derived from the chosen character class. There are five different rarities: 

Must be level 5 and higher and to switch to other characters once you reach level 15, you will need to initiate a “Respec” which lets you redistribute your skill points and reassign them in any way you like. 

This process does fill up the Eridium cost but it is completely free. You can exchange Eridium for cash in five-hundred unit increments at the special vending machines placed throughout Pandora’s moon Elpis.

Rarity of the Character Race.

Now we know the importance of picking the right class as it decides your overall status as a character. Another important factor is picking the right race as this determines skill bonuses, appearance traits and even some weapons you will be able to use. 

The female characters also have their own appearance bonuses and they can wear S&M gear at high levels. 

Other races like “Bunny” and “Rabid” give you higher experience per kill but this stands for killing weaker enemies like Skags or Stalkers which appear on Borderlands 2 normal mode. Below is a table with all possible choices:

Rarity of Character Gender.

Other than appearance bonuses, there are also some skills which can be used only by a specific character gender like: Shield recharge delay: -8% (only the female characters can use this skill). 

On high level “shields” can save your life against bullets and melee attacks; They recharge faster if you make good use of the Bubble-gum shield.


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