The food of Vietnam is a delicious mix of many influences, including Chinese, French and Thai. The cuisine is highly diverse but in the south there are two dishes that stand out: bun bo hue and tay do. Bun bo hue is a spicy beef soup with noodles, meatballs and pork hock derived from the central Vietnamese city of Hue. Tay Do means “Westernized” in Vietnamese

– it’s the name given to this dish because its origins lie with Westerners who came to Vietnam during colonial times. Tay Do is a sour soup with rice noodles, carrots and cabbage. It’s typically served with a piece of beef jerky on top to give it some extra flavour – the jerky was historically brought by Westerners who came to Vietnam for business or as expats during colonial times. Best Bun Bo Hue in Saigon: The best place to eat bun bo hue in Saigon is at Tay Ho 18, which has also been voted one of the best restaurants in Hanoi – it specializes exclusively in this dish so you can be sure that they know what they’re doing! They serve fresh broth every day and are open from early until late – perfect if you want something hot after dark! The history


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