Today is a day of celebration. It marks my birthday. I have a beautiful birthday present. This is a video that I am going to post on YouTube. It’s a short video describing my birthday. This is my first video and a birthday celebration.

“Carlos Vela is a young and enthusiastic young man from a small town in Spain. He started his career in the music industry, but decided to become a professional gamer. Carlos is also a member of the Playstation and Xbox teams, and also part of the PlayStation Spain team. Carlos also loves his YouTube channel, and also his podcast Carles, which focuses on the life and career of a gamer.

Carles has been kind enough to give me his birthday video from the Playstation. Although I had intended for it to be a video of Carlos’ birthday, I decided to post it here so anyone can see the video. In it, he talks about his love for gaming, his favorite PS2 game, and his favorite Playstation game.

I really love the PS2, and have played countless games on it. I had a very difficult time finding games on the console that I liked, and I’m pretty excited to tell you about the latest games I’ve played on my PS2 to date.

I’ve played a lot of games on the console before, but I haven’t gotten it right. In one of my favorite games, Soul Train, I have no idea what they do or how they do it. The game’s not much fun. I’m not even sure I’ve played a game like Soul Train before, so I’m not going to share it here.

Ive played several games on the console before, but my favorite one is probably GTA. I dont even know where that came from. Ive always wanted to see what it was like to drive a car. Like, why is it so hard to do that? Ive always wanted a Playstation. Im glad Ive had that experience.

One of the reasons it was a good game, though, is because of the cars. It’s not just a car game. It’s a driving game, for a small band of people, who have no other skills to play with than driving. That’s where the fun is. If you were to pick one of the characters from the game and have them play the game, I think it would be Carlos, because he’s really good at driving.

Now a few weeks ago, I wrote a review for a play-by-play blog about the games that I played on the Sega Dreamcast. What a great way to start my day. I’m so glad I didn’t get too caught up in the story.

The good news is that the characters in the game are all very intelligent and smart. The bad news is that the characters in the game are the people who are actually going to be the main targets of the game’s deadly, dangerous, and evil powers.

Carlos seems like a nice guy, but it turns out he’s also a psychopath. He’s been given the power to stop people from dying, and he’s been using this power to take out his enemies. At the same time, the people he’s been killing are also killing people because they can’t stop their own deaths. This is where the game gets really interesting.


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