So, this is what the dumbest news headlines are. For the past decade or so, America has been inundated with dumb news headlines. I’m talking the likes of the one that reads “Monsanto Banned from China” or “Police Kill an 18-Year-Old Allegedly for Swiping a Taco Bell Popcorn”.

Well, there you have it.

These headlines are a lot of fun, but they’re also a lot of crap. But I’ll tell you what’s the most annoying, and that is when the dumbest is a headline that has no connection to the actual news. For instance, a headline about a drug that doesn’t exist is so dumb that it’s a total waste of space.

Well, that headline is dumb because it has no connection to the news.

In the case of a headline that does exist, the headline itself is so stupid that it has no connection to the news. A headline that says the cops killed an 18-year-old is so stupid that it has absolutely no connection to the news.

Well, I know we all got that one wrong. But, this is such a dumb headline that it’s a total waste of space.

The rest is pretty much the same. They had no connection to the news either. The headline states “The cops killed 14-year-old” is so stupid that it’s totally gone.

The headline says the cops killed 14-year-old is so stupid that its totally gone.

We have to assume that there are two people playing on the same planet. We can’t get the whole story right, we just have to assume that the cops did kill 14-year-old.

The headlines are wrong, and they don’t even seem to be related. The only connection to the news is that 14-year-old was killed in the line of duty. That’s why the cop would be so mad. They knew this kid was a killer. They just weren’t able to stop him. They didn’t even have the chance.


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