Is my csun software free?


I’ve been using my csun software for years, and it has helped me to get into college.

It’s due time for new updates on the site, but there are some things that I do not like about my csun.

For example, sometimes when I try to do math problems in my csulb course there is no way an answer will come up unless i click on it. 

The answer can also be wrong, and I have to go back and rewrite the problem from the beginning. Also, the “free” option doesn’t work anymore for me. 

If I get a question wrong, it comes up with a pop up for you to pay 1 dollar. I get it that they want to make money, but that’s no reason to make people who use your software pay something to get an answer. 

Other times when I do math problems in mycsun software  , sometimes a picture of a red stoope comes up saying that the correct answer is incorrect.

 It makes me feel very uncomfortable when this happens because it makes me think maybe I’m doing things wrong even though I’m actually not doing anything wrong. 

Lastly, when I’m in the middle of a math problem, sometimes after I write down my answer and click submit to check it and see if i’m right, sometimes my whole screen goes black and takes me back to the home screen of csun. 

This can be very dangerous because if I’m in the middle of an algebra II homework assignment it could take me back to the home screen and then I would have to go back and figure out where I began.

Overall, csun software has helped me a lot over the years. But I think it’s time for some improvements to be made. 

If those problems don’t have the same variables , then they won’t have the same answers. 

Also, sometimes when I enter numbers into my problems, sometimes my computer will freeze up and not be able to click on anything, this can also be dangerous because you could just be staring at a black screen with no way of knowing what is wrong with your computer. 

Points which tells my csun software is free or not:

1. If you have to pay money in order to get an answer, then it is not free. 

2. If you get an answer wrong. 

It says “Here is what the right way to do it is” in a red stoope, then that is not free. 

3. If you are using the academic version of mycsun. 

Then feel free to send us feedback with this form. 

4. If you are not using the academic version.

Then taking a picture is probably the best thing to do because it will show us exactly what happened to you when you got an answer wrong or had trouble with something. 

5. If you are not using the academic version of mycsun .

And there is a problem with mycsun doing an internet search on “my csun software.” There should be a lot of pages with the same problem as you have.

And then there is a place to submit these things at the bottom in a box that says “How was my csun experience?” 

6. The free version of mycsun .

Does not have an email address for feedback because it is free, so even if you type your email address in when you sign up for it, it still asks you to look on the site for how to submit your problems.

7. Copy and paste this.

 My csun software is free and I do not like it when I type in my email address and it says something different than what you say.

 If we could send an email to the owner of the site, we could ask them to fix the problem.


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