A man who looks like a character from one of the old “Star Wars” movies is accused of the murder of a woman in a car in the Bronx.

The details are still coming in, but sources close to the investigation claim that the “hero” is a man named Mar Roxas, a member of a motorcycle gang who was busted in a gang banger incident that left a gang member dead in 2009.

Roxas was allegedly the driver of the vehicle in which the woman was killed. The victim had a valid driver’s license and a valid license plate in the car.

Roxas is being held without bail, and it’s unclear when he’ll be able to return to his home country of Puerto Rico. In the meantime, we at least know that the woman he murdered in the Bronx was named Marlyn Soto, and the man who killed her was named “M.S.G.” (the initials of the first two letters of Marley and G, the two names we originally heard about), or something like that.

Roxas is the name of the car she was driving, but it’s not clear why the car was registered in her name. Could she be the driver of that car? Could she have been the driver of the other car that killed her? We don’t know either of those yet, so we’re keeping our eyes peeled and waiting.

As was mentioned earlier with the car Marlyn was driving, Roxas is a famous local singer who was killed in a car crash in the Bronx in the late 90’s. Roxas was the lead singer of the band, but she had been struggling with a drug habit and had an accident that ended up killing her. In the story it’s revealed that Roxas had recently been dating a man named M.S.G.

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Unlike the previous games, Deathloop’s world will feature the same map with a single player campaign. The game will also be a spiritual successor to the first, and will take place entirely in the past (in the same way that the first game went from the future to the past). Roxas will be able to play as the main character, and the game will include an online multiplayer mode that has the same goal as the first game: to kill the Visionaries.

So if you’re looking for an open-world experience, you’ve got to go with the third option, Deathloop. As with the previous games, Deathloop will feature the same map with a single player campaign, allowing for players to make their own choices as to how they want to play. But with Deathloop we will, in fact, play the same campaign from the first game.

If you’re not a die-hard fan of Deathloop, you might want to check out the online multiplayer mode, which is a video game mode where players can choose to play as a single player (if you’re a die-hard you can play the death-looper as the main character, or as the characters in the first game).


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