The prey guide is an article about finding the prey in the game Prey.

This is a brief on what the article is going to be about:grant lockwood prey .The article will explain how to find the various different types of enemies in the game, along with their weaknesses and what weapons you should use against them.

It will change every time I update it, so whenever an enemy is discovered or an item that can be used against it is revealed, the article will be updated.

The advantage for larger predators is that they have more practice finding prey, but also have more to lose if they find themselves without food after all their efforts come to nothing.

The guide is divided into three different categories: aliens (which are divided into six sub-categories), weapons (which is divided into six sub-categories), and game events (which goes through the different game events and their effects on the environment).

 It also contains three tables for reference. This article will go over the different ways to identify prey on your hunt for human beings by looking at their strengths and weaknesses. 

This is also good information when trying to figure out who you should “hunt” for when playing Prey online.

One table goes through all of the human enemies in the game with their weapon of choice, another table goes through all of the weapons in the game with details about how they work.

And another table that lists important parts of Prey’s story.

Three Categories are :


There are  sub-categories of aliens, but they are still broken down into sub-categories because there are more sub-categories than sub-sub-categories.

First off, there are the Phantoms. They are one of the most devastating aliens in the game when you first encounter them, but they are still very weak when in general. 

When in attack mode they move around in a slow pattern until they find an object to mimic, then they stand completely still until you get close to them. 

Then they attack you with whatever weapon it is that is mimicked. After killing them you can pick up whatever item it is that is mimoted. 

The second type of human enemy in the game is probably one of the worst ones, especially if you’re just starting out in the game because it’s very difficult to defeat them unless you have a specific weapon or even if you don’t it can still be very difficult without specific weapons against them. 

These enemies are called “Prey” and they are also known as “Geneticists” in some parts of Prey’s story.

Talos-1. They usually carry two different types of weapons, one gun that shoots bullets and another that shoots lasers. 

The laser is very powerful and should be avoided at all costs unless you’re using a Mimic power to trick them into firing it at you so you can absorb it.

 The other weapon they carry is a shotgun which they will use when they get close to you. 

Aliens are the dangerous animals that you must kill for this game to be completed. 

The first part of the game is all about understanding them, so you’ll have to know how they work to survive. 


There are six sub-categories of weapons, but they will still be divided by sub-categories because there are more sub-categories than sub-sub-categories.

 The reason for this is that not all of the weapons work with all situations. 

For example, most of the pistols have a lot of ammo, but only one weapon is good for sniping from a distance: the vladof magnum rifle, and this weapon does not work well at close range and can’t shoot through walls (it does however lock on to enemies). 

Therefore we divided the pistols into two different groups: those that lock onto humanoids and those that do not.

 However, there is only one gun that works well against all of the aliens: the military shotgun (which is what we will divide into sub-categories).

3.Game Events

There are six sub-categories of game events, but they will still be divided by sub-categories because there are more sub-categories than sub-sub-categories.

 The reason for this is because not all of the events apply to every situation or creature/object in the game.

For example, only humanoids can be turned into ghost lockwood prey and only turrets and manhacks can be destroyed by lightning. 

Therefore we divided them into two different groups: those that work on humans and those that don’t.


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