Ibrahim was born in Palestine and quickly found himself at odds with both Israeli and Palestinian authorities, who were intensely suspicious of him.

After 13 years in the Israeli prison system and a number of false starts, Ibrahim finally managed to defy all odds and build what has been called “the most heavily guarded hotel on Earth”. Meet one man from Palestine who defied history in order to find his destiny.

Ibrahim Azooz, born in 1982, was the product of a broken home. 

His father died when he was young. After his father’s death, he and his family were forced to move to the nearby Jabaliya refugee camp. The camp quickly became Ibrahim’s new home. what happened to ibraheem azooz ? Read more to know.

Before long, Ibrahim was at it again. This time, ready to fight the system that had punished him for his first crime. 

When he was 18, he attempted to sell a used car that he’d purchased from a Palestinian National Authority member without the proper documentation. 

When authorities approached Ibrahim about the vehicle, he refused to stop selling it. In fact, he refused them entry into his office as they were trying to inspect the vehicle’s VIN number and other identifying information.

Rather than giving up, Ibrahim decided to fight the system one more time. He was still defiant and refused to submit to authority.

 This time, however, he faced more serious consequences. Ibrahim was arrested and detained for two days; only after his release did the authorities discover his identity as a Palestinian Arab. They proceeded to arrest him again.

His Early Life :

1. Ibrahim Azooz was born in a refugee camp of Jabalia, northern Gaza Strip.

2. His father died after Ibrahim’s birth and his mother remarried a man 15 years her senior.

3. In 2000, he received a degree from Al-Aqsa University with a major in accounting and he married later the same year to a cousin from the city of Hebron in the southern West Bank.

4. In 2004, Ibrahim moved to Gaza City to work as an accountant for the Palestinian Authority’s Preventive Security Services (PSS). 

5. Later that year, he was called in for questioning by a PSS Inspector General about a private car he was trying to sell. 

Ibrahim did not have all the proper documentation for the car and refused to stop trying to sell it.

Mid – Life of Ibrahim Azooz :

1. In 2005, Ibrahim was fired from his job as an accountant and he began working as a taxi driver for a living. At the same time, he opened a car rental business on the side.

2. In 2006, Ibrahim was detained and interrogated by Palestinian security forces after being accused of forging documents for cars at the Gaza Strip’s border crossings with Egypt.

3. In 2007, Ibrahim was arrested again by Palestinian security forces after being accused of forging government papers to state that his wife is employed so that she could receive medical coverage under the PSS’s insurance plan.

4. Ibrahim was released on bail after spending three months in jail.

5. In 2008, he was arrested again by Palestinian security forces. He refused to give his real name to officers during an identity check and asked for the reason for their detainment. 

The officers ignored him, but Ibrahim resisted arrest. He was later released without charge.

Reasons of Death of Ibrahim Azooz :

1. As a result, he was arrested on charges of impeding government business, possession of a stolen vehicle, and possession of false documentation.

2. His experience in the Palestinian prison system turned him against the PA. During his time behind bars he claimed he was abused by guards and given inhumane treatment. 

3. Ibrahim’s experience in prison made him more determined than ever to develop his plot of land in Jabalya into a hotel, which he later called The Prisoners’ Club Hotel.

4. According to Ibrahim’s wife, their marriage was already on the rocks when her husband began developing this plot of land, but she tried her best to support him throughout his development process. 

5. While he was still working for the Palestinian Authority, Ibrahim was also working on his hotel development. He would often work up to 18-hour days on the project, but still maintained his full-time job at the PSS.

6. After eight years of hard work, Ibrahim finally finished building The Prisoners’ Club Hotel in 2010. 

The main building is made of eight shipping containers stacked on top of each other up to three stories high with a small courtyard in between them where guests can relax and enjoy the view of Gaza City’s skyline.

 Inside, there are 20 bedrooms available to rent which are located within these shipping containers.


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