When is minecraft pe 0.11.0 releasing?


The Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0 was released on June 4,2015. The release was officially announced on April 27,2015. 

It is the 100th release of the Pocket Edition. Unfortunately, it is also an old version of Minecraft PE because it’s not compatible with any new additions in 0.12.0.

 It’s got everything that you can find in a standard Minecraft PE game but doesn’t have any new features aside from that.

 The only way to play this game would be to start fresh with a fresh install if you really want to play with bugs and crashes!

 Even so, many players were disappointed by the lack of improvement within the latest update when compared to other versions in its series!

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0

Many players were expecting that this version would have new features, theme updates throughout the update, bug fixes and much more. 

Although the game’s update has reached 1.7.2 version for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows 10 users respectively, yet many players are still waiting for an update within its current version!

when is minecraft pe 0.11.0 coming out was 4-June-2015.  However, there were speculations about the future of Minecraft PE 0.11.0 further development to bring out some new features in it.

Current Version(s) Of Minecraft Pocket Edition

The previous updates of Minecraft PE were released according to its number within ‘Ender Update’ categories for all platforms like Xbox 360 (PE 0.10), Xbox One (PE 0.11), PlayStation 4 (PE 0.11), and Windows 10 (PE 0.11).

 With the release of the new version in June, it is expected that Mojang would release a new theme in the ‘Ender Update’ category to represent the latest addition to Minecraft PE series. 

Although, there are no official statements by Mojang regarding any future updates or release of Minecraft PE 0.12.0, the company did state that it was working on some updates for this version which are expected to be released later! Well, unfortunately, everyone is still waiting for any word from Mojang regarding its future development or release date!

 The New Features In Minecraft PE 0.11.0 :

1. Themes:

Themes are great additions to the game which were added in Minecraft PE version 0.11.0. 

The themes were available in the marketplaces for all platforms like the ‘Enderman’ and ‘Micro World’ themes. 

There were no further details about these themes and it’s not clear whether Mojang will release any further updates to theme development or development of Minecraft PE 0.11.0!

The new feature allows players to select their preferred theme that they like and this will be included in the game with all necessary files of that particular theme! 

The themes are available on all platforms of the Pocket Edition of Minecraft except for iOS devices because there are technical restrictions imposed by Apple on its games/apps!

2. Nether Pocket World

The Nether Pocket World was added to Minecraft PE in this version too! 

The Nether Pocket World adds a new dimension to the game which would have different challenges, possibilities, and possibilities. 

It is not quite clear yet whether this pocket world will be available for the Xbox one, PlayStation 4, Windows 10 versions of the game! However, it’s expected that Mojang would expand further on these features later on!

3. Tweaks & Changes:

There are many other changes that have been included in this update which might interest you all! 

Most importantly, it’s Minecraft PE 0.11.0 new ‘Tweaks’ which might make you all play on different dimensions of the game!

Some of the tweak items includes (list not all):

         – Anvils can now accept redstone fluid instead of gold nuggets. – Anvils can now accept iron ingots instead of gold ingots.

         – Upgraded anvils can now accept some gems instead of some gold. – As an option, attached items that are equipped on the player (like armor) will be displayed in full inventory, but will not be usable until equipped, but they will still appear attached to you.

         – Changed the way a few commands are parsed in order to make them more consistent. – Added a tutorial for commands. 

         – Change the color of an item in hand to be less saturated in order to make it easier to tell which items are being held. 

        – Change how colored text is displayed, so that it no longer depends on the alpha of the color of the text. 

        – In regards to blocks, changing display lists now automatically stops block updates that were scheduled, and starts up new ones when they’re done after changing display lists. 

       – Added a new “Z” axis to the block world, for some blocks that were above Y level. 


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