BTS (Bangtan Boys) is a Korean boy band formed by Big Hit

saxophones, jazz, band @ Pixabay

. They are famous for their hip hop and rap music paired with their strong vocalists. Their latest album, “WINGS,” was released on October 10th, 2016. It has been well received by fans worldwide because of the quality of the songs and its messages about hope in difficult times. Below are some lyrics from one of my favorite songs on this album called “So What.”

“I’m still me, I know who you are too” – “But if we’re lost in the moment then what’s wrong with that?” -“If it hurts to be alive, how would death feel like?.” The song is about people who have had struggles and experienced dark times. The lyrics express their fear of living a life without pain but also accepting its inevitability at some point. They ask themselves whether they should give up or keep going on because there is no one answer for everyone. As someone struggling myself and having gone through my share of difficulties over the years this message resonates strongly with me. For those of you feeling hopeless or stuck – So What! Keep fighting and never stop trying


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